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  • Uses of paper trays Uses of paper trays Aug 10, 2023
    In order to better protect the planet, reduce environmental pollution and meet consumers's individual needs, more and more food packaging container industries are choosing to produce paper products. At the same time, paper products are also loved by consumers for its sustainable, customizable printing and thermal insulation properties. Next I will introduce some tray type products for you to choose. Sushi trays consist of paper tray and a PET lid. As a container for sushi, cookies, cakes and fruits, sushi trays are waterproof and oil draining, easy to degrade, and  environmentally friendly and healthy. The boat tray and hot dog tray are made of kraft paper, which is recyclable and compostable, which is good for ecological protection. It can be used to hold French fries, cookies, chicken wings, donuts, corn chips, macaroni and other food. They are usually used in coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants, fast foodtrucks and other places. These trays help us carry and savor food better. What other products do you think they can be used to hold?

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