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  • What are disposable coffee paper cups? What are disposable coffee paper cups? Dec 11, 2023
    Disposable coffee paper cups are paper cups used to serve hot or cold beverages, and are typically used in coffee shops, drinking establishments, caterers, or other take-out places. They usually have one or more layers of paper construction, with a coating on the inside of the cup that increases the heat and water resistance of the cup. Disposable coffee paper cups can be categorized into single wall cups, double wall cups, ripple wall cups and embossed wall cups according to different designs. Among them, double wall cups and ripple wall cups have better heat insulation and heat preservation effect. Because our disposable coffee paper cups are made of eco-friendly pulp and eco-friendly coating, they can be recycled and degraded after use, greatly reducing the impact on the environment.
  • Are paper bowls biodegradable? Are paper bowls biodegradable? Dec 11, 2023
    Paper bowls are usually made from pulp or paper materials, which makes them biodegradable. Paper is made from natural fibers (such as wood pulp) that naturally break down and degrade under the right conditions. Therefore, most paper bowls can biodegrade in the right environment. However, for paper bowls to degrade effectively, the following conditions need to be met: 1. Appropriate processing environment: Paper bowls usually need to be processed in commercial composting facilities or industrial composting systems, or in home composting. In these facilities, factors such as humidity, temperature and oxygen are favored and controlled to help decompose and degrade paper bowls. 2. Appropriate conditions and time: The rate of decomposition of paper bowls depends on many factors, including the thickness of the paper, the type of pulp, and the treatment conditions. Typically, paper bowls may take several months to several years to fully degrade. Meanwhile, in order to ensure that paper bowls can effectively degrade and return to nature, we need to recycle and dispose of them properly without littering.
  • What is a cold drink paper cup? What is a cold drink paper cup? Dec 04, 2023
    Cold drink paper cups are a kind of paper cups specially used for holding cold or iced drinks. It is usually made of special paper material, which has certain waterproof performance and good cold insulation performance. Cold drink paper cups are usually double-layered, with a waterproof coating on the inner layer and a protective layer on the outer layer, which can effectively isolate the temperature in the cold drink and prevent the paper cup from softening or leaking. They also often have a large capacity to accommodate most cold and iced drinks, and offer a convenient drinking spout design and stable bottom support. Using cold drink paper cups makes it easier and more hygienic to enjoy cold beverages while reducing the impact on the environment, as the cups can be recycled and reclaimed.
  • What is a double wall paper cup? What is a double wall paper cup? Dec 04, 2023
    A double wall paper cup is a specially designed paper cup that consists of a paper cup and an outer patch. This structure gives double wall paper cups better performance in terms of heat retention and insulation. Double wall paper cups are usually used for serving hot beverages such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc. Due to the formation of an insulating layer between the outer layer of the paper cup and the air layer, it makes the temperature of the outer layer relatively low and does not make the hand feel overheated, providing a better gripping and using experience. The inner cardboard layer is treated with a waterproof coating to prevent hot beverages from penetrating the outer layer of the paper cup. The double wall paper cup design effectively isolates heat and prevents scalding, and keeps hot beverages warm for longer.
  • Why use paper box as packaging? Why use paper box as packaging? Nov 09, 2023
    Paper boxes are widely used in various industries as a popular packaging option. The advantages of paper box packaging are as follows: 1. Versatile: Paper boxes can be easily folded, cut and molded to fit a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used to package different types of products 2. Lightweight: paper is relatively light compared to other packaging materials such as metal or glass. This helps to reduce transportation costs and energy consumption. 3. Recyclability: Paper can be recycled many times to produce new paper products, thus reducing the impact on the environment. 4. Environmentally friendly: Paper is biodegradable and compostable, so after use paper lunch boxes can decompose naturally over time without leaving long-term pollution. In addition, replacing plastic with paper reduces the need for petroleum-based materials, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 5. Customizability: Paper boxes can be customized with brand messages, logos and product details. This enables companies to create visually appealing packaging that effectively communicates brand image and attracts customers. 6. Consumer preference: Many consumers prefer paper packaging to plastic packaging because it is natural, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly.
  • What is disposable food containers? What is disposable food containers? Nov 09, 2023
    Disposable food containers are usually made of paper, plastic, foam and other materials, and are widely used in restaurants, take-out stores, delivery services and so on. But while these containers provide convenience for people, they also pose challenges to the environment. The biodegradable and compostable materials developed and provided by Xiamen Elements Packaging can meet people's demand for disposable food containers while reducing the damage to the environment. We have a wide range of products: paper cups, soup containers, paper salad bowls, noodle bowls, sauce cups, lunch boxes, paper food trays, paper bags, paper cutlery and so on. A variety of shapes and sizes are available to meet your packaging needs for different types of food. And we provide customized service. A creative and aesthetically pleasing food packaging containers can help you improve the recognition of your food service.
  • What are the uses of paper bowls? What are the uses of paper bowls? Nov 02, 2023
    Paper bowls are a common food container used for a wide variety of occasions and purposes. Here are some common uses of paper bowls: 1. Holding food: Paper bowls are suitable for holding a variety of foods such as soups, noodles, meals, fruits, salads, ice creams etc. They provide convenient containers so that food can be easily served, carried and eaten. 2. Take-away and carry-out: Paper bowls are a common packaging choice for take-away and carry-out food. Fast food outlets, restaurants, and take-out services often serve food in paper bowls that are easy for customers to carry and enjoy. Paper bowls can also be insulated and sealed to ensure that the food stays warm and fresh. 3. Buffet or potluck: In a buffet or potluck event, paper bowls are often used for portioning and personalising food. Customers can choose their own food and put it into the paper bowls, which is easy to carry and eat, reducing the amount of cutlery used and cleaning costs. 4. Drinks and beverages: In addition to serving food, paper bowls are also used to serve a variety of beverages and drinks, such as coffee, tea, juice, milkshakes, smoothies and so on. Paper bowls usually have a certain capacity and leak-proof performance, which can be adapted to different beverage needs. 5. Events and parties: Paper bowls are widely used in events such as parties, picnics and camping. They are easy to carry, use and dispose of and do not require extra cleaning work, saving time and energy.
  • What are food trays used for? What are food trays used for? Nov 02, 2023
    A food paper tray is a recyclable packaging material that is commonly used for transporting and displaying food products. It has several primary uses: 1. Display and merchandising: Many food paper trays have eye-catching designs and prints that can help food products attract customer attention in a retail environment. They can be used in a variety of colours, shapes and patterns to display and convey a brand image, increasing product sales and exposure. 2. Transport protection: A food paper tray can provide a strong support structure to protect food products from damage during transport. It can bear a certain weight and provide stable support to ensure that the food does not tilt, collapse or collide during transport. 3. Stacking loads: Due to the design and structure of food paper trays, they can be stacked together to minimise the space required for storage and transport. This is important for storage and transport efficiency as it reduces the amount of space taken up and stacked paper trays can be easily handled by forklifts or other equipment. 4. Environmental Sustainability: Food paper trays are usually made from recyclable paper materials and therefore have a lower environmental impact. Compared to traditional wooden or plastic pallets, paper pallets tend to be more sustainable, reducing the need for forest resources and the generation of plastic waste. In conclusion, food paper trays play an important role in the food industry by protecting and displaying them and are environmentally friendly.  
  • Are there health benefits to using paper cups? Are there health benefits to using paper cups? Oct 08, 2023
    There are some health benefits to using paper cups, especially when compared to some other types of cups, such as plastic cups. Here are some key health considerations for paper cups: 1. Avoid chemical exposure: Paper cups are usually free of harmful chemicals, such as BPA (bisphenol A). In contrast, some plastic cups may release these chemicals, especially if the drink is hot or acidic. Using paper cups reduces the risk of ingesting these potentially harmful substances. 2. Hygiene and safety: Paper cups are usually single-use and are often discarded after use. This disposable feature reduces the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses and ensures that a clean cup is used for every use. In contrast, cups that are used repeatedly require more cleaning and sterilisation measures to maintain hygiene. 3. Thermal isolation: Some paper cups have a double or triple layer structure, with insulation layers inside. These insulation layers can effectively isolate heat and maintain the temperature of the drink while avoiding the risk of overheating and scalding. Overall, paper cups offer some advantages over other types of cups in terms of maintaining health and safety. However, care should be taken to select high-quality paper cups and pay attention to the temperature at which they are used to maximise health and safety.
  • What are the uses of paper cups? What are the uses of paper cups? Oct 08, 2023
    Paper cups have a wide range of uses, here are some common uses: 1. Beverage cups: one of the most common uses of paper cups is as a container for beverages. Whether for hot or cold drinks, paper cups can be used to hold various types of beverages such as coffee, tea, juice, soft drinks, etc. 2. Coffee cups: Coffee shops often use paper cups to serve coffee and other hot drinks. Paper cups are usually insulated to keep the drinks warm and are also easy to carry. 3. Fast food cups: Paper cups are often used to serve soft drinks, milkshakes, ice cream, etc. in fast food restaurants or take-out places. 4. School and Office Supplies: Paper cups are also commonly used as containers for providing drinking water to staff, students and faculty. They can be placed next to water fountains to provide a convenient way to drink. 5. Parties and gatherings: paper cups are also a common choice at parties, gatherings and other events. They are easy to use and dispose of, reducing the amount of work involved in washing dishes. 6. Takeaway cups: The convenience of paper cups makes them ideal containers for takeaway coffee and other beverages. People can take their drinks with them and enjoy them conveniently on the go. Overall, paper cups are versatile and convenient for a variety of occasions and uses. Whether it's for everyday beverages or special events, the use of paper cups offers a convenient, hygienic and recyclable option.
  • Are paper cups environmentally friendly? Are paper cups environmentally friendly? Oct 08, 2023
    Paper cups are considered to be a more environmentally friendly option as compared to disposable plastic cups. Here are some of the key points that make paper cups environmentally friendly 1. Biodegradability: Most paper cups are made from pulp materials, which are usually derived from renewable wood resources, making them biodegradable under natural conditions. In contrast, plastic cups are usually made from petroleum-based materials that do not break down easily. 2. Water Consumption: Plastic cups require a lot of energy, water and chemicals to manufacture. Paper cups, on the other hand, typically consume less energy and water. 3. Energy Consumption: The process of manufacturing paper cups usually consumes less energy as compared to plastic cups. The energy required to manufacture paper cups is mainly used in the production of pulp and the moulding process of the cups, which is relatively low compared to the mining, processing and manufacturing of plastics. 4. Recyclability: Paper cup recycling and recovery facilities are available in some locations. By properly recycling paper cups, the consumption of resources and the generation of waste can be reduced. To sum up, paper cups are environmentally friendly. However, paper cups have a plastic lamination on the inside in order to increase water resistance. Therefore, when choosing paper cups, you can prioritise the purchase of paper cups with biodegradable films to reduce the impact on the environment.
  • What are paper bowls coated with? What are paper bowls coated with? Oct 08, 2023
    The lamination of paper bowls is a coating added to increase their water resistance and prevent leakage. This coating organises the penetration of liquids into the paper part of the bowl and keeps the bowl structurally stable. Common paper bowl coating materials include PE, PP, PLA and water-based coatings. Among them, PE lamination is not easily degraded; PP lamination is heat-resistant and can be microwaved; PLA can be composted and then degraded; and water-based coating is easily degraded. These materials are water-, oil- and chemical-resistant, enabling paper bowls to hold liquid food and beverages without causing the bowls to soften or break. It is important to note that the lamination materials used in some paper bowls are biodegradable, while others are not. The environmental friendliness of paper bowls depends on the biodegradability of the liner. Therefore, choosing a biodegradable PLA liner and water-based coating will help us to better protect the environment and reduce our impact on the environment.
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