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Is Paper Tray Microwave Safe?

Apr 01, 2023


From the picture above, you can see the test results of the ordinary paper tray with food and the PP coated paper tray after being heated in a microwave oven for 5 minutes. The left side is the ordinary PE paper holder, and the right side is the PP coated paper holder. It can be seen that the color of the left paper holder has changed under the microwave oven heating, and the edge also has cracks, while the right PP coated paper holder has not been heated in the microwave oven. The change in color and shape shows that the PP coating has better stability in the microwave heating environment, and its high temperature resistance can meet the heating needs of daily food, and provide convenience for customers who need to take away. get best Microwaveable Paper Trays from https://www.elementscup.com/.

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