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  • What is a paper coffee cup lid? What is a paper coffee cup lid? Mar 04, 2023
    Paper coffee cup lids are lids suitable for paper coffee cups. Due to the large demand for beverage coffee cups and the extensive use of traditional plastic lids, and the common phenomenon of random discarding after use, the pollution caused by plastic lids is becoming more and more serious. How to replace plastic lid products without sacrificing consumer behavior habits? , the application of paper cover was born.     From the design and development of the paper lid concept to the production of paper cups, from the lid matching test to the final delivery to customers, we have been making continuous progress, in order to be able to produce high-quality products and solve customers' daily consumption problems.   It supports the function of buckle and retains the original consumption habits, and it also has a biodegradable and printable logo to support your cause while respecting consumer behavior.     At present, the concept of using traditional plastic lids is still dominant, and the market is flooded with a large number of plastic lids. We insist on promoting the layout of paper lids in the global market, especially in guiding consumers to use paper lids as the best choice for cups. We are always on the road.
  • What are the products that can replace traditional plastic coffee cup lids? What are the products that can replace traditional plastic coffee cup lids? Apr 06, 2023
    As we all know, plastic lids have been used together with packed paper cups for many years, but traditional plastic lids have great hidden dangers in food safety and environmental pollution. The current market can provide fully degradable CPLA lids and pulp molded lids. , and compostable cardboard lids that can be printed, they can alleviate the current problem of beverage lid disposal, and protect health when using environmentally friendly lids.
  • Why Choose Eco Friendly Degradable Coffee Cup Lid? Why Choose Eco Friendly Degradable Coffee Cup Lid? May 09, 2023
    With the pollution caused by the random discarding of plastic lids after a large number of uses, in order to deal with the increasingly serious problem of plastic pollution disposal, various countries around the world have gradually launched plastic ban work.   Due to its non-plastic nature, our  environmental protection disposable paper lids supports the use of cold and hot drinks, and has incomparable advantages in functional use and environmental protection.     First of all, the material is natural, eco friendly, recyclable and degradable pulp material, plus plastic-free environmental protection coating or PLA degradable coating. In terms of material, we have avoided the problem of being unable to recycle and non-degradable, and have reached the requirements of relevant policies for paper cup lids products. demanding.   Secondly, the paper lids products we produce and design can also use bamboo pulp herbal plants. In terms of related performance, the product functions can still be used normally, and it does not completely rely on tree pulp raw materials. The use of herbal raw materials can reduce unnecessary felling of trees .     Then there is the stackable nature of the compostable paper coffee lids, which can be stacked for packaging, transportation, storage, and reduces your use space. Compared with other styles of paper lids, it can accommodate more paper lids in the same box, saving you cost and improve economic efficiency.   The paper cup lids we produce have completely independent intellectual property rights, and we provide paper lids degradable product test reports. The design and development of products are also in progress. The products support logo printing, which can provide trademark value communication for your business. More paper packaging from elementscup.

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