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OEM Custom Paper Sauce Cup
  • What is a paper sauce cup? What is a paper sauce cup? Mar 14, 2023
    Paper sauce cups are made of food-grade paper materials, which appear in western fast food for seasoning and coloring of food, which can increase the attractiveness of food.   But what are the reasons to choose the best sauce cups, let's take a look at the tips.   1. Waterproof and oilproof Sauce cups have excellent airtightness and anti-leakage properties, which come from hot pressing during our production process to ensure the tight adhesion between the papers. The sauce is complete.     2. Suitable eco paper cover In addition to the production of sauce cups, we also produced matching lids that can fit the sauce cups tightly, making takeaway packaging possible. Imagine that during the journey, our sauce cups will not cause the sauce to leak due to bumps .   3. Eco-friendly and biodegradable Our sauce cups can be recycled after use. Due to the characteristics of the surface coating, individual households can also participate in the disposal of the sauce cups, and we can reduce the investment of public resources in recycling.     4. Communicate your brand value The sauce cups we produce can be customized with your brand logo and style printing, which means that you can convey your brand, convey your values, and expand your market influence, making your products more popular in use, win market competitiveness.

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