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The difference between a single and a double cup

Jul 31, 2023

Disposable paper cups are favored by more and more people because of their environmental protection, easy to caryy, printable and other characteristics. Among them, disposable paper cups are divided into single wall  cups and double wall cups.

Single wall paper cup, made of food grade wood pulp paper and food grade coat. It is usually used to hold drinking water. Its advantage is that the price is lower and the printing effect is good.

Double wall paper cup, on the basis of single-layer cup pasted a layer of paper. According to different production processes, there are ripple wall cups, embossed wall cups, double wall cups. It is usually used to hold hot drinks, such as coffee and milk tea. The advantage of double-layer paper cup is that the paper cup has high strength, good heat insulation effect, and non-slip and beautiful appearance.

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