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What are food trays used for?

Nov 02, 2023

A food paper tray is a recyclable packaging material that is commonly used for transporting and displaying food products. It has several primary uses:

1. Display and merchandising: Many food paper trays have eye-catching designs and prints that can help food products attract customer attention in a retail environment. They can be used in a variety of colours, shapes and patterns to display and convey a brand image, increasing product sales and exposure.

2. Transport protection: A food paper tray can provide a strong support structure to protect food products from damage during transport. It can bear a certain weight and provide stable support to ensure that the food does not tilt, collapse or collide during transport.

3. Stacking loads: Due to the design and structure of food paper trays, they can be stacked together to minimise the space required for storage and transport. This is important for storage and transport efficiency as it reduces the amount of space taken up and stacked paper trays can be easily handled by forklifts or other equipment.

4. Environmental Sustainability: Food paper trays are usually made from recyclable paper materials and therefore have a lower environmental impact. Compared to traditional wooden or plastic pallets, paper pallets tend to be more sustainable, reducing the need for forest resources and the generation of plastic waste.

In conclusion, food paper trays play an important role in the food industry by protecting and displaying them and are environmentally friendly.


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