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What are paper bowls coated with?

Oct 08, 2023

The lamination of paper bowls is a coating added to increase their water resistance and prevent leakage. This coating organises the penetration of liquids into the paper part of the bowl and keeps the bowl structurally stable.

Common paper bowl coating materials include PE, PP, PLA and water-based coatings. Among them, PE lamination is not easily degraded; PP lamination is heat-resistant and can be microwaved; PLA can be composted and then degraded; and water-based coating is easily degraded.

These materials are water-, oil- and chemical-resistant, enabling paper bowls to hold liquid food and beverages without causing the bowls to soften or break.

It is important to note that the lamination materials used in some paper bowls are biodegradable, while others are not. The environmental friendliness of paper bowls depends on the biodegradability of the liner. Therefore, choosing a biodegradable PLA liner and water-based coating will help us to better protect the environment and reduce our impact on the environment.

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