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What is a convenient and efficient sushi tray?

May 18, 2023

The paper sushi tray is a very convenient, concise and efficient ecofriendly food container, which is often used in the packaging of sushi, salad, cake, biscuit, and bread. Because it is equipped with a transparent PET cover, it can clearly display the visual effect of the food in the container, so it is often used Used for food packaging display in supermarkets, coffee shops, bakeries, etc., and packaged with food for sale.


paper sushi tray


For such a convenient, stylish and simple sushi tray, there are still other advantages worthy of our attention:


Solid & Stable

The sushi tray places great emphasis on the quality of the paper in the selection of materials. It uses strong and thick food-grade base paper. In addition to having a certain load-bearing capacity for the packaged food, the matching PET cover also has excellent toughness and supports the food in the sushi tray. The stacking arrangement can effectively use your window sales space.


paper sushi tray


Easy to open and close

The design of the sushi tray is unique. When you need to open the tray, you can gently press the edge of the tray to open the container. When you need to close the lid, you don’t need to press too hard to cover the sushi tray, so as to achieve the sealing effect of the tray .


Waterproof & Oilproof

A layer of polymer film is attached to the surface of the food tray, which can block the seepage of oil and water, ensure that the food is completely packaged in the container, prevent the seepage of oil and water, and avoid the problem of contamination of other trays.


paper sushi tray


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