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What is disposable food containers?

Nov 09, 2023

Disposable food containers are usually made of paper, plastic, foam and other materials, and are widely used in restaurants, take-out stores, delivery services and so on.

But while these containers provide convenience for people, they also pose challenges to the environment.

The biodegradable and compostable materials developed and provided by Xiamen Elements Packaging can meet people's demand for disposable food containers while reducing the damage to the environment.

We have a wide range of products: paper cups, soup containers, paper salad bowls, noodle bowls, sauce cups, lunch boxes, paper food trays, paper bags, paper cutlery and so on. A variety of shapes and sizes are available to meet your packaging needs for different types of food.

And we provide customized service. A creative and aesthetically pleasing food packaging containers can help you improve the recognition of your food service.

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