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What is paper fresh tray?

Apr 14, 2023

The creative design of the fresh paper tray has a significant effect on promoting transaction conversion and use.


paper fresh tray


As a fresh and environmentally friendly paper tray, it has great advantages.


1. Environmentally friendly

The material is recyclable food material, with a layer of environmentally friendly plastic-free coating attached to the surface. The production process is simple and no other substances are added, and it can also be 100% recyclable in the subsequent recycling process.


2. Support refrigerated storage

Most of the food packaging paper trays are fresh foods, which are extremely sensitive to temperature changes. Therefore, they need to be stored or displayed in a refrigerator. Our products can also maintain the shape of the paper trays under low temperature conditions. Excellent performance in waterproofing.


3. Open paper tray design

The advantage of this design is that it can display the food you sell very intuitively, and can check the status of the food in real time. When customers buy, they don’t have to worry about whether the food has deteriorated, and they can distinguish whether to buy it based on the color status of the food, reducing the cost. Thinking about the time has greatly increased the efficiency of product conversion.


paper tray


Combined with the store type and decoration style, combined with the display method, it can support your customers to purchase and place orders for the product layout method you have carefully considered.


Therefore, the bio fresh paper tray we provide supports your business, supports the convenient consumption of customers, and supports the cause of environmental protection of the earth. https://www.elementscup.com/

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