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What are the advantages of water-based coated paper cups?

Nov 02, 2023

Water-based coated paper cups have the following advantages over other paper cups:

1. environmentally sustainable: compared with traditional solvent-based coated paper cups, the main solvent of water-based coated paper cups is water, which reduces the emission of harmful substances.

2. Excellent waterproof performance: water-based coating can effectively prevent the penetration of liquid, reducing the problem of deformation and loss of structural stability of paper cups. This makes water-based coated paper cups more reliable for beverages and foods with high humidity.

3. Portability: The portability of water-based coated paper cups provides a convenient, hygienic and easy-to-handle food packaging solution. They are suitable for use in eating out, fast food restaurants, coffee shops and other occasions.

4. Printable and personalised: water-based coated paper cups can be printed and personalised to display brand logos, patterns, text, etc. Water-based coating technology provides good printing performance, so that the paper cups can present rich, bright and fine patterns and printing effects, which enhances the appearance attractiveness of the paper cups and the brand promotion effect.

In summary, water-based coated paper cups are environmentally sustainable, have excellent waterproof performance, are portable and convenient, and can be printed and personalised.

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