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What comes on a sushi tray?

Sep 12, 2023

Sushi trays are commonly used to hold sushi, snacks, cakes, breads, cookies, vegetables, fruits, and more. Here are some common foods that can be placed on a sushi tray:


Sushi: Sushi trays are most commonly used to hold various types of sushi, including sushi rolls, sushi nuggets, or sushi grips made from a combination of rice and sashimi or other ingredients.


Sashimi: Sushi trays are also suitable for holding various types of sashimi, such as sashimi, crabmeat, octopus, shrimp, etc., and are usually served with wasabi, soy sauce or other sauces.


Snacks: In addition to sushi and sashimi, sushi trays can also be used to hold other snacks such as fried shrimp tempura, grilled sausage, grilled fish, yakitori, spring rolls, grilled eel, and schnitzel.


Cakes and breads: The design of the transparent lid of the sushi tray helps consumers to better select their favorite cakes and breads, which can be filled with cream rolls, tarts, cookies, tiger rolls, bakery breads, cheeses, croissants and so on.


Vegetables and fruits: It is also good to use sushi trays to hold vegetables and fruits for one person, such as vegetable salad, cheese corn, fruit salad, potatoes, onions and so on.


All in all, the design and shape of the sushi tray makes it perfect for serving a variety of foods. Please be bold enough to buy it and come along to explore the many and varied ways it can be used!

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