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What is a Ripple Wall paper cup?

Jul 30, 2023

Ripple Wall paper cup is a new type of paper cup further improved on the basis of disposable paper cups, mainly used in coffee shops. Ripple Wall paper cup usually consist of coated paper and corrugated paper, and the outer layer is lined up with corrugated paper cup walls. So what are the advantages of Ripple wall hot drink paper cup?

  1. Heat proof

When your cup is filled with hot drinks, to prevent your hands from getting too hot, you can use a Ripple Wall coffee cup. The corrugated paper on the outer layer of the corrugated cup can effectively avoid direct contact between the paper cup and the hand, and play the role of heat insulation and anti-hot.

  1. Easy to carry

The corrugated paper on the outer layer of the corrugated cup can increase the friction between the cup and the hand, prevent the paper cup from slipping from the hand, and be more convenient to carry.

  1. Beautiful and elegant

Corrugated paper neatly arranged appearance, giving a feeling of comfort and pleasure. Printed patterns on corrugated paper will also show a unique effect, bringing people a strong appeal.

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