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Aromatic coffee with a perfect lid

Nov 18, 2022

paper coffee lids


It is reported that New Element has designed and developed a stackable paper coffee cover and owns its intellectual property rights. It is understood that this paper cover is completely biodegradable.

The person in charge of R&D and design of New Element packaging said: The design of the paper cover adopts the feature of reversible buckle, which means that you can use a straw to drink or drink directly, which undoubtedly retains people's daily eating habits of paper cups.

Because the edge of the cover is raised in a circle, the paper cover can perfectly fit the paper cup, and has a perfect seal similar to the traditional plastic cover. The material for making the cover is paper, with a degradable coating on it. When you choose to use this kind of paper cover, you also participate in the cause of environmental protection.

Elements said: The design fully considers the characteristics of paper cups and paper cover packaging, transportation and storage, and adopts stackable, which can be stacked neatly during packaging, transportation and storage, avoiding loss caused by packaging confusion.

At the same time, it can also support customized LOGO patterns, you can print your logo, improve the competitiveness of your products in the market, and make your LOGO more shining. 

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