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Jan 12, 2023

paper bowl


Food packaging is very important for people's healthy diet. In order to meet people's ultimate pursuit of food, Elements has developed and produced a suitable food paper bowl according to customer needs. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance. In the process of contact with hot food, it will not release harmful substances, nor emit odors, and it is friendly to human health; In addition, it also has a strict sealing effect and anti-leakage effect, which can maintain the integrity of the food in the bowl and play a role in keeping it warm and fresh. This is a very beneficial existence for food health and food hygiene, especially in the face of oil and water in food, it can also be maintained for a long time. The anti-leakage function is ideal for takeaway packaging.

You can choose the food you want according to your own needs without worrying about any health problems, which protects the healthy life you and your family have, and also supports your growth in the food packaging business.

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