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Elements lunch packaging boxes, support your environmental protection cause.

Apr 14, 2023


In order to cope with the increasing plastic pollution in the world, Elements has developed and produced recyclable food-grade lunch boxes, and is committed to promoting the development and growth of the global environmental protection cause. It has extraordinary effects in both food packaging functions and business culture communication significance.


The paper packaging lunch boxes we produce have the following characteristics:


Waterproof and oilproof

Due to the effect of a layer of film on the surface of the container, the water and oil are completely wrapped inside the container, which keeps the food soup and oil completely intact, and achieves the effect of keeping food warm and fresh. At the same time, it does not add PFAS to achieve waterproof effect like other containers. Such substances are guaranteed in terms of food safety and health.


Strong sealing

The design of the food packaging lunch box adopts a buckle design. This method can make the container airtight easily and at the same time make the buckle tightly fastened, in order to prevent the container from being bumped and causing the food to burst Flip situation.



A layer of coating material is added to the surface of the paper food packaging lunch box, which can support the container to be heated in a microwave oven for five minutes. While the packaged food is heated, the food safety is maintained, because this coating has been tested and will not cause heat and heat. A change in the form of matter, that is to say no harmful substances are released.


Environmentally friendly and recyclable

Paper packaging lunch boxes not only have superior performance in terms of functionality, but also contribute to the environment

It cannot be ignored. It is worth noting that after the end of use, it supports the recycling and reprocessing of pulp, which can realize the sustainability of economic benefits while realizing the efficient treatment of waste.


Elements also produces different types of eco-friendly paper food packaging. We support and encourage any contribution to environmental sustainability in packaging.

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