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How many types of paper cups can we provide?

Apr 10, 2023


With the continuous development of economy and society and the continuous improvement of consumption level, the demand for paper cup styles in food and beverage packaging also shows a growing trend.


The types of paper cups provided for this Elements are single-layer cups, hollow cups, corrugated cups, and embossed cups in terms of the shape of the cup wall; in terms of materials, we can provide white paper cups, natural herbal bamboo pulp paper cups, and brown cowhide cups. For card cups, we can provide traditional PE coated paper cups, degradable PLA coated paper cups, the latest environmentally friendly water-based coated paper cups, and PP coated paper cups suitable for cold drinks. It is worth noting that water-based coated paper cups Layered paper cups have begun to emerge in the market. Due to the nature of household and industrial composting, as a recyclable and degradable environmentally friendly product, it has a very broad development prospect in the future. It has great potential for both the environment and economic benefits. Sustainability is achieved, and the next step is the specific requirements for paper cups in specific scenarios, such as aviation beverage cups provided according to airline standards, vending cups provided in office entertainment places, and high-end individually packaged paper cups provided in hotel apartments .


But no matter how many types of paper cups we have, the needs of customers always come first. No matter how the needs of customers change, we always maintain a high level of attention and professionalism for customers. We are committed to providing customers with more Matching products and continuous breakthroughs.

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