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How to Use Paper Bowls and Lid

Feb 21, 2023

paper food bowl


As a product worker for New Elements, I must tell you about the use of single-use paper packaging. First of all, get a disposable paper bowl from a bag of packaging bowls with the back of the bowl facing up, which can not only effectively block dust and other pollutants in the air, but also make it easier to take out.


For hot food, it is recommended to put it on the table to avoid unnecessary scalding; for vegetarian food such as fruit salad, it is recommended that you arrange them one by one first, and it is recommended not to put them too full, so as to reserve enough Put sauce cups, forks, and lids in the space provided. Please check along the edge of the lid to confirm whether it is tight, so that even on abnormally bumpy roads, the food can remain in the paper bowl intact to ensure the integrity of the food.


In addition, if you have a small demand for bowls, we can also provide small paper bowls to hold products such as desserts, oatmeal, raspberries, and meatballs.

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