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Why Choose A Paper Lunch Box For Takeaway Packaging

Feb 07, 2023

takeaway paper lunch box


With the acceleration of the pace of life, some people began to try to choose takeaway ways to get the main food, and the takeaway packaging method has also become a new way of catering.


In order to meet the needs of consumers, the new element company has developed several types of packaging boxes for consumers to choose from. They are buckle packing boxes, single -sided flip packing boxes, and window packing boxes. Each product corresponds to each product corresponding to the corresponding. With their different functions and purposes, the buckle packing box is suitable for takeaway and take -out, while the single -sided flip packing box is more suitable for sushi, set meals, such block foods, and window packing boxes. Selling packaging, you can see the freshness of the food inside through the transparent window。


For the customization of the lunch box, you can also choose a specific function. For example, the lunch box of the PP gonorrhea can accept microwave heating, ensure food heating and does not produce harmful substances. And recyclable can be reused, while PET gonorrhea can accept both microwave heating or long -term high temperature heating, and the PET gonorrhea itself will not have any form of changes in form.


The hardness of the cardboard that comes with the lunch box itself can support more load -bearing, not easy to deform, and it is very suitable for food delivery for a period of time.

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