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Shanghai International Packaging Products and Materials Exhibition Nanjing Station-------We are coming

Mar 18, 2023



With the opening of the epidemic this year, the demand for food packaging is getting higher and higher, and the standards for packaging products are becoming more and more stringent. In the era when environmental protection has become the theme of packaging, the voice of replacing plastic products is getting higher and higher. For this reason, Elements Research and develop and produce environmentally friendly paper packaging products, provide packaging products that replace plastics, and meet the needs of environmentally friendly consumption.


For this reason, we participated in the annual packaging expo in Nanjing, China, on March 15-17. The theme of this packaging exhibition is: mutual benefit, win-win, environmental protection and sustainability. It brings together many excellent packaging companies from China, covering packaging materials, packaging industry, printing, catering takeaway packaging, transportation packaging, etc.


Elements in this exhibition provide paper cups, soup cups, paper bowls, packing boxes, paper plates, paper trays, paper covers, cup holders, cup sleeves, and other food packaging. In this packaging exhibition, our products are the largest The highlight is the plastic-free coated paper cup, which is a new environmentally friendly coating material that can support household composting, biodegradable, and recyclable processing. Due to its unique coating properties, no chemicals are added during the production process as paper cup forming conditions , the product does not contain PFAS, we have the qualification certificate for home composting, and the ability and conditions to produce plastic-free food-grade paper cups, which is truly friendly to the ecological environment and has a friendly effect on health and sanitation conditions.


The purpose of this exhibition is to spread the concept and value of eco-environmental protection, promote an environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyle, and make the concept of sustainable development deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. We will continue to fulfill our due responsibilities as an environmental protection enterprise.


We look forward to your joining us as a force to protect the environment.

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