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Food grade paper tray---------ideal choice for fresh packaging

Mar 14, 2023

Paper fresh tray

Food packaging cannot be ignored in daily consumption. By improving the quality of product packaging, the food preservation cycle and hygienic conditions can be improved, so that food can be safe and guaranteed on people's tables, and the appearance of plastic packaging has greatly improved people's daily life conditions, and food is no longer priced based on freshness. important measure.

But after we indulged in the food,plastic trays are discarded at will and cannot be recycled, which makes it more difficult to deal with plastic trays. They are everywhere in the world. How to reduce the use of plastic trays and find environmentally friendly fresh packaging has become the current consensus.

It was also at this time that Xiamen New Element Company produced food-grade paper packaging as a substitute for plastic trays according to market demand and following the concept of ecological and environmental protection.

Compared with the plastic packaging on the market, it is more environmentally friendly and recyclable, and it is more flexible in dealing with ecological environment issues, which alleviates people's anxiety about environmental issues under the realistic conditions of meeting the growing packaging demand. In terms of functional characteristics, the food-grade paper tray is not only as simple as being environmentally friendly, but it is solid and waterproof, and can meet the long-term refrigeration needs. It is very suitable for the actual needs of large supermarkets for fresh-keeping and refrigeration of vegetables, fruits, and meat.

Of course, the food-grade paper tray is not only for fresh storage and preservation, but also for lunch and fast food packaging. Since it is wide enough, it means that it can accommodate the packaging of different things at the same time, so as to improve the efficiency of packaging use and reduce it to a certain extent. packaging cost.

This is why we attach so much importance to the replacement and impact of food-grade paper trays on plastic trays.

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