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What is a high quality paper bowl?

Apr 01, 2023


High-quality paper bowls have the following characteristics: excellent waterproof and oil-proof properties, they can maintain their stability even if they are filled with hot soup, refrigerated in the refrigerator, or heated in the microwave oven, without affecting normal use, and can meet the conditions for use.


Another feature is environmental protection: paper food bowls are compostable, recyclable, and degradable, reducing waste pollution and carbon emissions, alleviating the pollution pressure caused by food packaging, reducing the proportion of public resources for waste disposal, and supporting environmental protection. Ongoing career development.


Furthermore, it is the guarantee of food safety. The raw material paper for food paper bowls comes from pure natural pulp, with an environmentally friendly coating, and no harmful substances such as PFAS are added during the production process to protect consumers' health rights from damage. Another point is that in the subsequent use, whether it is heated or frozen, the paper bowl will maintain its original characteristics and no harmful substances will be precipitated, so it can be used with confidence.


Whether it is used for salad, fast food, hot soup, or for takeaway packaging, the paper salad bowl has a suitable lid to prevent leakage.

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