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Why Choose Barrier Coating

Nov 18, 2022



Today we are going to introduce barrier coatings, which are also called water-based coatings. Commonly used in paper packaging materials such as paper cups: Since the coating itself is heat-sealable, the seam line and base material are heat-sealed and pressure-formed during the production process, without adding glue.


Barrier coatings have the following advantages:

1. Cardboard with water-based barrier coating is compostable: it is environmentally friendly and reduces pollution.

2. Recyclable and repulpable: it can improve the reuse of resources and reduce costs.

3. Heat-sealable: The use of other additives is eliminated during the production process to ensure the health and safety of paper cup food to the greatest extent.

4. Waterproof and oilproof: While adapting to various occasions, it can ensure the toughness of the paper cup.


In terms of maintaining ecological balance and reducing environmental pollution, barrier coating is undoubtedly the most perfect solution. On the one hand, it improves the reuse of resources and shoulders the responsibility of sustainable development. On the other hand, it will not add harmful substances to health in the production process material to maintain a high level of quality of life. In short, barrier coating materials are the high-quality materials for manufacturers today.

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